If you love playing casino games that are simple but thrilling and probably looking for a new challenge, you have landed on the right page. Here, we take a swipe at the basics of online keno. You may also consider visiting za-onlinecasino to learn more about other online casinos.

Introducing Online Keno

Online keno is a game of pure luck, that's the simple and plain truth. There are no must-follow strategies when picking winning numbers online. With that said, there are a few things a player can do to increase their odds of winning. Are you surprised at that paradigm shift?

Well, when you play a combination game in which you bet in a group of numbers rather than an individual number, you stand at a position of getting better odds. On the contrary, it reduces your potential payout. This is the same case applying to all casinos with better odds.

Winning at Online Keno

Winning at online keno squarely depends on the total of the numbers that you select and the number of hits you achieve. If, for instance, you picked the maximum fifteen numbers and all of them hit, you will automatically win10,000 coins. How amazing is this!

If a player selects a total of eight numbers, out of which four hit, they get to win three coins. If all the eight numbers hit, the player receives 720 coins. seven hits pay 90 coins, six hits pay 19 coins, and five hits pay 6 coins.

Playing Online Keno for Free

Playing online keno games for free is a good idea as it not only gives you an opportunity to have a great fun playing the game but also enable you to familiarize yourself with the table and master the rules of the game before opting for a real money play.

Many casinos offer these free play options to their players. This practice extends to keno games. Free online keno games let a player try the 5-number, 10-number, and 20-number keno casino games without wagering a dime. Any new keno player should use this free play mode to horn their skills.

A Look at Online Keno Payouts

To understand the keno payout, a player should first understand the odds. A player could easily look to winning numbers that pay millions in cash prizes depending on the variation of the keno casino. Things like variant rules, multipliers, and the number of keno balls are very important to note.

The big question is, what are the odds of a player catching 20 numbers in an online keno casino game? Generally, the odds of hitting 20 are astronomical. Never before has a player been lucky to catch all the 20 keno balls. This, however, doesn't imply that you shouldn't play.

Variants of Keno

There are several keno game variants that an individual ought to consider before they decide on which keno game to play. Each of these variants has ti sown bonus features unique to itself. The popular keno variants include the combination keno, super keno, power keno, and live keno.

The combination keno is the most used of the four. It generally works the same way as a combination ticket. This implies that a player makes wagers that involve groups of numbers instead of making a straight-up wager on single numbers. This variant features better odds but a worse payout.